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A Universal Language

Dust flies up from the winding road, and puffy brown clouds hang over a tiny row of shacks scattered as far as the eye can see. A street dog races a truck past the porch where a leathery indigenous woman sits with a basket of strawberries she is selling for 25 cents a pound.

The dust clouds break and Dr. Tom Young smiles, throws open the door to the pediatric wing of the UK Clinic and snaps back across 3,000 miles to the land of fancy cars and fast food where he leads an organization focused on a far off region of simple resources and many struggles.

Eight Months in Santo Domingo

Dr. Nickl is a UK gastroenterologist currently spending an eight month sabbatical in Santo Domingo, Ecuador at Centro Medico Hombro a Hombro and working with the local public hospital.


STSG Accepting Applications for 2014 Brigades to Ecuador

Donate to STSG here beginning Friday, November 13th, 2015

The Blue Grass Community Foundation's GoodGiving fundraising challenge for Shoulder to Shoulder Global begins Friday, November 13th, 2015. 

It's our largest fundraiser of the year to help all of us continue to provide a world-class learning experience for students while working with an impoverished community to provide health care services. 

Won't you join us? To donate, click

STSG Video

A grant from the College of Health Sciences to Physical Therapy faculty Dr. Lynn English funded the production of this video.


Letter from Returned Peace Corps Volunteer to Shoulder to Shoulder Global Office Reflects on Brigades

While the overall impact on community that STSG has had in Santo Domingo, Ecuador is still being explored, an indicator comes in the form of a letter from one of Shoulder to Shoulder Global's key partners in Santo Domingo, the Peace Corps volunteer, Ronald Ikechi-Ogbonna.  His letter was written at the close of his volunteer service in 2012:

UK's Shoulder to Shoulder Global Recognized as Exemplary Program

What began as a small medical mission trip to Ecuador  in 2002 for a group of pediatric medical residents led by Dr. Thomas Young, professor of pediatrics at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, has evolved over the years into a large multidisciplinary, interprofessional partnership between UK and the local community working together to discover new and improved ways to teach, learn, and serve vulnerable and resource-poor communities in Ecuador.

College of Arts and Sciences' Podcast Features Shoulder to Shoulder Global

The College of Arts and Sciences produces podcasts that demonstrate work being done by the faculty and students in the college. Each week, UKNow will highlight a podcast. This week focuses on Shoulder to Shoulder Global.


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