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Transfer Credit Earned Abroad

If a student chooses to enroll in a UK Exchange, UK Consortia: KIIS, UK Direct, or UK Partner program, the academic credit earned will be considered transfer credit. Grades earned through coursework transferred to UK do not affect cumulative GPA and are not displayed on any UK transcript. However, selective admissions programs, majors, colleges and scholarships at UK may still use the transfer grades earned abroad. Please check with the intended program. Graduate or professional schools may also require the submission of all original transcripts in the application process.

There are two important elements to consider when considering the courses to take abroad: course equivalency and course applicability. Course equivalency is the evaluation of the content of a course to determine its equivalent course number at UK. Course equivalencies can be exact, such as PS 210. This means the content of the course abroad is delivered at a similar depth and breadth to that particular course at UK. Course equivalencies can be generic to a discipline, such as HIS 3---. This means that the course has been established as taught at a certain level within a particular department. In this example, HIS 3--- indicates a history course at the 300 level. In some cases it might not be possible to determine a course equivalency because no such course or discipline exists at UK. In those situations students may receive a generic equivalency, such as "GEED" or general academic credit.

Course applicability refers to how a course may be used in a particular major, minor or degree program. Exact course equivalencies may be applied to a degree in the same way the course would be applied if it had been taken at UK. For generic course equivalencies, i.e. HIS 3--- or GEED, students must speak with their academic advisor to determine how the credit may be applied towards their degree.