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Who participates in Education Abroad?

1. Who can participate in Education Abroad?

All UK students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) may participate in an Education Abroad at UK program regardless of major. Students must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) at the time of application and for the duration of the program. UK students may first participate in an Education Abroad program after completing 30 hours of coursework and obtaining a UK GPA.

Different programs will have different prerequisites, GPA requirements, etc. which may affect exactly when or in which programs a student can participate. Seniors can study abroad too, but they need to work closely with their education abroad advisor and academic advisor to make sure they have met the appropriate departmental or college requirements and to discuss the timeliness of credit transfer in relation to their anticipated graduation date.  

Students from other institutions may participate in programs through Education Abroad at UK by applying to UK as a visiting student.

2. Can graduate students study abroad through UK?

Many programs are tailored for graduate students or offer opportunities for graduate students. Various academic departments have funding for graduate students to conduct research overseas, so students should check with their departmental advisor to find out about these opportunities. 

3. Does a student have to be a language major, or speak another language to study, research or intern abroad?

The opportunities for education abroad are not limited to language majors or those with foreign language proficiency. Many programs provide beginning level language training. Some programs offer courses taught entirely in English even in non-English speaking countries. Although foreign language proficiency is not always necessary for education abroad programs, we always encourage students to learn the language of the host country to some degree.

4. How many students at UK participate in Education Abroad programs each year? 

For more information on the profile of Education Abroad at UK, please read our most recent Enrollment Report [PDF]