A Brief History of the Policy on Uniform Teacher/Course Evaluations

In 1990, a University Senate committee chaired first by Dr. Louis Swift and then by Dr. Wilbur Frye, was formed to explore the possibilities of using a uniform teaching evaluation form for the entire university. A form was designed and piloted. A study of its validity was conducted and on August 17, the Senate Council approved use of the form for the 1992-93 academic year.
Since this time, the form has been adopted by most, but not all, of the colleges and departments in the Lexington Campus.
On February 13, 1994, the Senate Council approved a recommendation that made the course and teaching evaluations available in electronic form in the format now provided to the deans' offices of the respective colleges. Summary data, not including written responses to open-ended questions, were to be accessible to all students.
On October 4, 1994, the Senate Council responded to a set of implementation guidelines proposed by the Lexington Campus Chancellor's Office to limit the results to full-time faculty and part-time instructors, to lectures and seminars (thus excluding small independent courses and discussion sections), and to course sections with five or more students responding.
As a result, the summaries of the TCE results are provided on UK's WWW page as directed by the Senate's recommendation.
Units which are not shown here have either not provided their data for electronic access, use only open-ended questions, or do not participate in the University's uniform evaluation process.
Please contact the Department directly in the meantime if you have questions or wish to view their results.