Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency

The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) is ACT's standardized, nationally normed test of core general education skills that is designed to assist postsecondary institutions in assessing, evaluating, and enhancing undergraduate student learning in general education programs. The CAAP is also useful for measuring value-added performance gains. CAAP test modules are designed to assess six areas: Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay, Mathematics, Science, and Critical Thinking.

The Mathematics portion of the CAAP was administered in early 2009 to 308 UK students. The Critical Thinking portion of the CAAP was administered in spring 2010 to 592 UK students.

Overall Mathematics

  UK National
Mean 58.5 58.5
Std. Dev. 3.8 4.0
N 308 21,678

Basic Algebra

  UK National
Mean 15.7 15.6
Std. Dev. 2.4 2.4
N 308 21,678

College Algebra

  UK National
Mean 15.1 15.4
Std. Dev. 2.8 2.7
N 308 21,678

Critical Thinking

  UK National
Mean 62.5 62.0
Std. Dev. 5.6 5.4
N 592 9,531