Fall 2012 Teacher/Course Evaluation

Please note that (with the exception of overall and college/dept summaries) these results DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • Course sections taught by a TA
  • Any course section with fewer than 5 evaluations returned 

Also note that these summaries include only colleges and departments that utilize UK's standard Teacher/Course Evaluation forms. For colleges and departments using non-standard evaluations, contact the dean or chair directly for information about their evaluation process and results 

Summary Reports

Again, please note that summaries include all instructors (Faculty, PTIs, and TAs) and all courses (regardless of course activity type or number of forms returned).

Overall Provost Area - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

By College - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

By College and Department - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

By Faculty Type - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

By Course Level - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

By Course Prefix - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

Instructor Results by College and Department

Sorted by course prefix, instructor name, course number, and course section

Agriculture - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

Arts & Sciences

Business and Economics - in-class paper evaluation

Communications and Information Studies - in-class paper evaluation   |   online evaluation

Design - in-class paper evaluation

Education - in-class paper evaluation

Engineering - in-class paper evaluation

Fine Arts - online evaluation

Graduate School

Health Sciences contact Teresa Cook 323-1100 ext. 80477 for more information)


Pharmacy - under 700 level (contact Helen Garces 257-5356 or more information)

Public Health (contact Rebecca Flanagan 257-7658 ext. 82092 for more information)

Social Work - online evaluation

University Wide

Colleges/Departments using non-standard Teacher/Course Evaluations

Arts and Sciences

  • English - prior to Fall 2002 (contact Andy Johnson at 257-3763 for more information)
  • Physics and Astronomy (contact Carol Cottrill 257-4991 for more information)
  • Statistics (contact Dr. Constance Wood at 257-6115 for more information)

Design - prior to Fall 2001 (contact Azhar Swanson 257-7623 for more information)

Dentistry (contact LeAnn Wills 323-5656 for more information)

Graduate School

  • Biomedical Engineering (contact Linda Cunningham at 257-8101 for more information)
  • Toxicology (contact Dr. Mary Vore at 257-3760 for more information)

Law (contact Jane Salsman at 257-8318 for more information)

Medicine (contact Charlotte Baker at 323-5720 for more information)

Nursing (contact Nancy McDevitt at 323-5238 for more information)

Pharmacy - above 800 level (contact Helen Garces 257-5356 for more information)