Release of Enrollment and Degree Data


The Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics (IRAA) is the official repository for university data on enrollments and degrees conferred. IRAA maintains data from two major sources: the Comprehensive Database of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics. The Comprehensive Database and IPEDS employ identical conventions for reporting degrees conferred; consequently, the two databases generate comparable data. Consistent with the reporting conventions of the Comprehensive Database and IPEDS, annual statistics on degrees reflect the number of students awarded a degree during the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters. For example, the number of degrees conferred in 2002 reflects the total number of degrees awarded to students during the Summer 2001, Fall 2001, and Spring 2002 semesters.

Enrollment data appearing in both the Comprehensive Database and IPEDS reflect the number of students enrolled at an institution during the fall semester. However, the state and federal databases differ somewhat in their reporting requirements for enrolled students. The Comprehensive Database includes post-doctorates, house staff, and students who audit classes in its enrollments. IPEDS does not count the above students in its enrollment statistics. As a result, enrollment information generated by the Comprehensive Database and IPEDS will produce small discrepancies.

Policy Statements

In general, members of the university community and local users are referred to or provided with statistics generated from the Comprehensive Database when they request information. Other colleges and universities, including our benchmark institutions, are typically provided with IPEDS data upon request. However, in some instances, institutions will submit ad hoc requests for information, such as the number of post-doctorates, generated from enrollments in the Comprehensive Database. Users of institutional data are advised that enrollment data provided by OIR are routinely based on statistics for the fall semester. The Office does not typically disseminate unduplicated, annualized enrollment statistics for an academic or calendar year. However, there may be special instances in which these statistics are computed and provided to users.

Effective Date: November 1, 2004