Release of Retention and Graduation Rates


Retention rates reflect the percentage of students entering each fall semester as first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students who return as second-year students. Students are included in the retention cohort if they start their college careers at UK or another institution during the summer and continue at UK in the fall semester. Students who have achieved sophomore standing as a result of dual credit or Advanced Placement (AP) credit are also included in the cohort. The graduation rate indicates the percentage of students in a cohort who graduate within six years or 150% of normal time. The cohort used to generate the institution's graduation rate conforms to the same criteria as the cohort used in retention rate calculations.

Policy Statements

Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics calculates the official retention rate for the University of Kentucky. IRAA's retention rate differs slightly from the one calculated by the Council on Postsecondary Education. The retention rate generated by the CPE includes part-time students in the cohort and counts students who have transferred to another Kentucky institution as ‘retained.’

In most instances, the graduation rate calculated and reported by IRAA is identical to the graduation rate reported to IPEDS in the spring Graduation Rate Survey (GRS). IRAA does prepare a preliminary graduation rate for inclusion in the annual Fact Booklet published each December. The graduation rate listed in this publication carries a footnote explaining that the rate for the most recent cohort is based on preliminary data.

Effective Date: November 1, 2004