Student Life

F. Student Life  
F1 Percentages of first-time, first-year (freshman) students and all degree-seeking undergraduates enrolled in fall 2007 who fit the following categories:  
F1   First-time, first-year (freshman) students Undergraduates  
F1 Percent who are from out of state (exclude international/nonresident aliens from the numerator and denominator) 24% 19%  
F1 Percent of men who join fraternities   16%  
F1 Percent of women who join sororities   21%  
F1 Percent who live in college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing   27%  
F1 Percent who live off campus or commute   73%  
F1 Percent of students age 25 and older   5%  
F1 Average age of full-time students 19 22  
F1 Average age of all students (full- and part-time) 19 22  
F2 Activities offered Identify those programs available at your institution.  
F2 Campus Ministries X        
F2 Choral groups X        
F2 Concert band X        
F2 Dance X        
F2 Drama/theater X        
F2 International Student Organization X        
F2 Jazz band X        
F2 Literary magazine X        
F2 Marching band X        
F2 Model UN          
F2 Music ensembles X        
F2 Musical theater X        
F2 Opera X        
F2 Pep band X        
F2 Radio station X        
F2 Student government X        
F2 Student newspaper X        
F2 Student-run film society          
F2 Symphony orchestra X        
F2 Television station          
F2 Yearbook X        
F3 ROTC (program offered in cooperation with Reserve Officers' Training Corps)  
F3   On Campus At Cooperating Institution Name of Cooperating Institution
F3 Army ROTC is offered: X    
F3 Naval ROTC is offered:      
F3 Air Force ROTC is offered: X    
F4 Housing: Check all types of college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing available for undergraduates at your institution.  
F4 Coed dorms X        
F4 Men's dorms X        
F4 Women's dorms X        
F4 Apartments for married students X        
F4 Apartments for single students X        
F4 Special housing for disabled students X        
F4 Special housing for international students X        
F4 Fraternity/sorority housing X        
F4 Cooperative housing          
F4 Other housing options (specify):