Surveys Form Retention


Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics and the Office of Assessment annually conduct a number of planned and ad hoc surveys. The two Offices process thousands of questionnaires and survey forms during the academic year. Consequently, staff is faced with the problem of finding an adequate space to store the numerous forms generated.

Policy Statements

The Offices recognize that staff may occasionally want to validate selected survey responses by examining the raw data on a particular form. Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics and Assessment Offices will store forms for one year following the administration of the survey. A longer retention period is not warranted since physical images of all survey responses are routinely created by scanning all questionnaires and storing them on CD ROMs. Survey forms will not be destroyed until survey data are backed up in electronic files. Old forms containing Social Security Numbers or other identifying information will be shredded or disposed of in a manner that protects the anonymity of survey respondents.

Effective Date: November 1, 2004