An Overview of the Teacher/Course Evaluation Process

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is responsible for coordinating the Teacher/Course Evaluation (TCE) process at the University of Kentucky. OIR does not work directly with instructors during the TCE process. Instead, OIR staff members work with ‘TCE contacts’ in participating colleges or departments who manage the unit's involvement in the evaluation process. The TCE contact person is responsible for distributing forms, collecting updated information on courses and instructors, and working with OIR staff to complete other important activities. The success of the TCE process depends upon the quality and timeliness of work performed by the TCE contacts and OIR staff.
The Teacher/Course Evaluation (TCE) process, in its simplest terms, can be reduced to several basic steps:

  • Identify the colleges and departments participating each semester in the teacher/course evaluation process
  • Identify courses that need to be evaluated and verify course-related information

For traditional paper-based evaluations only

  • Distribute the pre-slugged teacher/course evaluation forms to the TCE contacts
  • Send the completed teacher/course evaluation forms to be scanned to the Computing Center

For online evaluations only

  • Send invitation and reminders to students for courses that choose online evaluation

For both paper-based and online evaluations

  • Analyze the evaluations and distribute results to the TCE contacts

Each of the above steps requires the involvement of TCE contacts. Outlined below are the specific activities performed by TCE contacts and OIR staff during each of the five major steps.
Identify the colleges and departments participating each semester in the teacher/course evaluation process.

  • OIR creates a contact list and a checklist that will be used to track all incoming items from the TCE contacts.
  • OIR emails out the request for participation packet to all TCE contacts.
  • TCE contacts notify OIR of any changes in their unit's plans to participate in the TCE process.
  • OIR develops a final list of units that will participate in this semesters TCE process.

Identify the courses that need to be evaluated and verify course-related information.

  • OIR creates the TCE course database and initial course lists from SAP Campus Management (CM).
  • OIR distributes to TCE contacts the initial course lists and request for updates.
  • TCE contacts distribute the lists to appropriate persons within the college. The lists should be updated and incorrect information should be revised in SAP system.
  • TCE contacts return the initial course lists to OIR by the stated deadline.
  • OIR updates the checklist and verifies that all course lists were returned.
  • OIR revise the course list base on the college updates.
  • OIR produces and distributes final course listings to the TCE contacts. This serves as a record of what each college/department requested for the current semester. TCE contacts need to verify the information on the listings. The final confirmation email needs to be copied to the associate dean that in charge of the college TCE.

OIR distributes the pre-slugged teacher/course evaluation forms and collects the data

  • OIR determines the number of forms that need to be pre-slugged.
  • OIR sends the request to Scantron to pre-slug course/instructor information and the forms are delivered to IR office for college to pick up.
  • OIR notifies TCE contacts that forms are ready to be picked up.
  • TCE contacts distribute the forms to appropriate persons within the college. They maintain a checklist of dates when the forms were distributed. TCE contacts also maintain the schedule of evaluation dates and the individuals assigned to proctor the evaluation for each requested course.

Send the completed teacher/course evaluation forms to be scanned

  • TCE contacts determine whether all forms have been returned.
  • The completed TCE forms, along with the Data Scan Entry Request forms, are turned into room 59 in McVey Hall for scanning by the stated deadline.
  • The Computing Center scans the forms and the data are sent electronically to OIR via email.
  • The checklist is updated to verify that OIR has received all of the data electronically.
  • OIR "cleans" the data and verifies that evaluations have been received for each course.
  • OIR identifies any courses scheduled for evaluation that did not submit forms for analysis.

OIR sends an invitation to students for course that choose online evaluation

  • OIR creates the student list for courses choose to use online evaluation
  • OIR launches the online evaluation to the students
  • OIR collects the data for online evaluation

Analyze the data and distribute results to the contacts

  • OIR analyzes TCE data and produces two sets of standard results (Paper or Online) for the entire university, each participating college, each participating department and individual instructors.
  • The completed teacher/course evaluation forms for each college/department are boxed and labeled for college to pick up in room 59, McVey Hall.
  • TCE contacts pick up the forms and type any written comments that appear on the evaluation.
  • OIR email the results to the TCE contact and posts both paper and online results on its website. (Results for lecture and seminar courses are posted, but courses taught by teaching assistants and courses with fewer than five responses do not appear on the OIR website.)