Degrees Awarded

Degree Reporting Tool

Degrees awarded data are presented in Excel format in an effort to provide users with maximum flexibility in the presentation of statistics for their college or department. Using the pivot tables provided, institutional data users will be able to display various combinations of degrees awarded data by degree, college, major, ethnicity, gender and residency.

To activate the pivot table functions, users must first open up Excel on their personal computers and enable macros. This can be accomplished by clicking on "Tools" on the Excel toolbar and then selecting "Macro." In the next menu, select "Security." This action will furnish a list of alternatives consisting of four security levels. We recommend selecting "Medium". You can choose whether or not to run potentially unsafe macros. After you have created the pivot tables of interest to you, you may want to return your personal computer to its original macro security level by repeating the process listed above.

2002-2011 Degrees Awarded

Summary of Degrees Conferred, 1983-1989

Summary of Degrees Conferred, 1869-1955

Summary of Totals of Degrees Awarded by Type, College, and Sex, 1866-1955