Academic Technologies & Faculty Engagement

Academic Technologies & Faculty Engagement provides support, workshops, and one-to-one consulting for faculty who use a variety of technologies. We can help with online teaching and learning tools, Distance Learning development and compliance, multimedia and audio visual recording, online Teacher Course Evaluation (TCE) technology, and more. We also offer the Faculty Media Depot for drop-in services.  Contact us through the Service Desk at 859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) or through a team manager. Senior Director Patsy Carruthers may be reached at 859-257-8110.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning provides guidance and support for those teaching courses in which a majority of instruction occurs when students and instructors are not in the same place. Contact Manager Miranda Hines at 859-257-8218 for assistance with DL support, design, and compliance needs.

Copyright Resources

Academic Multimedia

The Academic Multimedia team helps faculty create and develop graphics, video, illustrations, and animations for credit courses, journal submissions, research projects, and grant submissions. Visit the Faculty Media Depot online to schedule time in one of our audio-visual studios, or call Manager Tom Dolan at 859-257-5423 for more information about Academic Multimedia services.

Academic Technical Support Services

Academic Technical Support Services ensure that the online Teacher Course Evaluation (TCE) technology and similar support tools work smoothly. To learn more about how to use the online TCE for your courses visit the Teacher Course Evaluation (TCE) site. Manager Brett McDaniel may be reached at 859-257-8263. 

Learning Management

The Learning Management team focuses on the Canvas learning management system, Zoom web conferencing, and other learning management tools through one-to-one support and workshops for faculty and instructors. Contact Manager Kelley Cruse at 859-257-9898.