SP Control Systems

SP Control Panels

SP control panels are installed in most classrooms on UK's campus.  This is a basic set of instructions on how to use a SP control Panel.

Power on the projector by pressing the ON button of the SP Control Panel. A steady red light indicates the projector is coming on. If the red light is blinking, press the OFF button and wait a few moments before pressing ON again. The projector needs time to cool down before restarting. A green light means the projector is on.

To use the PC in the lectern press COMPUTER on the SP Control panel. You can login using your AD/MC account with your Link Blue credentials. MC users must put MC\ before your Link Blue ID.

To use a laptop, connect to the existing VGA cable/port on the lectern and press the LAPTOP or COMPUTER 2 button on the SP Control panel.
To use the Document Camera, power on the Document Camera and press the DOC CAM button on the SP Control panel (not all classrooms have this feature).
To use the DVD/VCR combo unit or VCR press the DVD/VCR(VCR) button on the Smart Panel (not all classrooms have a VCR or combo unit).

The VCR or AUX video button on the SP Control Panel will allow you to use the video inputs on the local panel if you have an external video source you need to play (not all classrooms have this feature).

Press the up or down buttons on the SP Control Panel to adjust the volume of the selected source. Some classrooms may have an additional Shure mixer for controlling source audio from the SP control panel and a microphone, these sources will be labeled. You can use the PC audio without turning on the projector by pressing up or down on the volume controls and can turn the panel off afterwords by pressing the off button.

Press OFF to turn off the projector.

** For any questions or problems with the equipment in our classrooms please contact AV Services at:
850-218-HELP(4357) or
859-323-6455(CB Office) or
859-257-5769(CON Office) or


859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu