Welcome to Echo360 at the University of Kentucky. ITS would like to help you use Echo360 personal capture on your PC and learn more about the addition of Echo360 lecture capture to specific rooms on campus.

Personal Capture

Echo360 personal capture will enable you to simultaneously record the audio from a USB microphone or webcam, the content on the computer screen and a webcam of yourself.  These recordings can be edited and saved on your computer for playback.  The captures can also be published as Rich Media Flash files as well as an MP3 podcast and M4V Video podcast, Echo360 scheduler required for publishing.

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Echo360 personal capture is available for download at Echo360 Downloads.


Lecture Capture

Echo360 lecture capture will enable you to simultaneously record the audio of your lecture, the content on the computer and, where available, video of the instructor at the podium.  Captures can be scheduled to begin and end automatically or you can make an ad hoc recording while in the classroom via the Echo Ad Hoc link on the classroom PC.


Departmental and college IT support staff will need to be trained to schedule Echo360 lecture captures.  To schedule training, submit a request to

A list of Echo360 Lecture capture rooms can be found here.  Most Echo360 lecture capture rooms are registrar's classrooms and can be reserved from their website.


Need help? Visit Echo360 Online Help or submit email to