Carmen Agouridis
Carmen Agouridis, Ph.D., PE

September 12, 2018

College/Unit: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

My department (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering) does research, teaching, and outreach. We are part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment as well as the College of Engineering. For outreach, we cover the entire state. This entails getting out of the office and working with the community. We focus on sustainable engineering solutions by using a systems-based approach. We have people who focus on soil and water or bioenvironmental engineering, food engineering, sensors technology (drones), machines systems (harvest equipment), bioprocessing (biofuels), storage/management of crops, etc.

My job is primarily extension-focused, but I also conduct research and teach. My focus in ecosystem protection and restoration primarily relates to stream restoration, stormwater management, and mined land reclamation. Examples of this type of work on UK's campus are the restored stream adjacent to Alumni Drive and the rain garden by Farm Road. On mined lands, I work with Forestry on techniques for restoring forests. I work in the area STEM and environmental education to develop programs for youth and adult audiences. In addition to that, I also answer questions and serve as a specialist in my area to all 120 counties.

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that your department utilizes:

I do a lot of teaching and am an avid Canvas user. I use it for classes I teach face-to-face and distance learning. It gives me so many opportunities to efficiently manage my classes & communicate well with my students. I have participated in Faculty User Groups with Canvas, served on the UK Senate Distance Learning committee, and have attended workshops with the Learning Management and Distance Learning teams. Anytime I’ve had questions with Canvas, I’ve gotten great support from them.


I do a lot of project management with SharePoint. I’ve reached out to ITS to get people I collaborate with into groups and teams so that I can work easier. It’s nice to get help fast so that I can keep moving.