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Catie Lasley

November 08, 2017

College/Unit: Human Resources

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

We help departments decide how best to staff their areas and post open positions to the UK Jobs website, including full-time regular positions and part-time STEPS positions through our in-house temporary staffing service. Our HR team supports supervisors in choosing the best candidate for each position through interview training and our Hiring Enhancement Program.  

Once employees are on board, we provide orientation and training for their new roles as well as career counseling support and professional development training so they can continuously improve and advance their careers. 

We encourage faculty and staff to maintain a successful work-life balance and to nurture their sense of wellness. We also offer free counseling sessions, new parent support groups and resources for employees caring for an elderly loved one. Our employee health and wellness services include on-site fitness facilities, nutrition and well-being consultations, and activity challenges.  

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Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that the College utilizes:

We need strategic collaboration with our partners in IT in order to deliver the level of service our customers expect and to effectively leverage data to make informed decisions.  

Three highly impactful collaborations are:  

  1. Moving to an online benefits new and open enrollment within SAP: 
    Annual open enrollment for benefits rendered over 20,000 enrollment forms over the course of a three-week period. Employee Self Service greatly reduced the number of forms received. The University has reduced paper enrollment forms at open enrollment by almost 16,000 sheets. Processing time was also reduced. 
    Enterprise Applications offers ongoing support in vendor file preparation for any plan and, or vendor change. Each year, new rates are loaded and SAP configuration changes are made for new plans. 

  1. Implementing online performance evaluations: 
    This allowed every employee at the University to see their written job description online, and better equipped managers with a tool to provide continuous feedback and to align individual goals with institutional goals.  

  1. Establishing electronic file management for employee records: 
    This allowed us to move two semi truckloads of employee files previously maintained in the basement of Scovell Hall to an electronic platform. This certainly improved our data management, but also allowed us to provide a better work space for our team members performing that function.  

HR values the collaborative partnership with ITS and has a high degree of faith in our shared ability to deliver solutions. Our HR strategic plan has 1 of the 5 initiatives focused just on driving solutions through technology, especially improving data quality, streamlining HR related process, and utilizing existing technology to maximize operational flexibility and continuity.