Photo of Craig Rudick
Craig Rudick

July 05, 2017

College/Unit: Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics

Department: Institutional Research and Data Science

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

Our team is the primary source for institutional data at UK, particularly in the realms of students and faculty data, with growing emphases on human resources and financial data sets. We support strategic decisions and initiatives across the University by completing in-depth analyses of past trends and current operations, supplying detailed data sets which combine data from multiple systems and sources, and delivering interactive data tools such as visualizations and dashboards which facilitate data analysis and exploration by people across the UK community. Many of these analyses and data can be accessed through our website: Additionally, we supply official data sets used for regulatory reporting to state and federal agencies, as well as data submissions to other external entities. Finally, our Data Science group uses state-of-the-art statistical, machine learning, and other data analysis techniques to conduct novel research to identify factors and evaluate programs which support student success.

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that the College utilizes:

The Institutional Research function at UK is truly a collaborative effort between the Institutional Research and Data Science team and Information Technology Services’ Advanced Analytics team. Our two teams are fully integrated into a single Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics (IRAA) team, with a common website and co-located at our 630 S Broadway offices. Institutional Research at UK could simply not function without the HANA data warehouse, Tableau reporting tools, and other data systems supported by Advanced Analytics and ITS. Furthermore, we have strong collaborations with other ITS teams, particularly the Student Lifecycle Management Services and Product Development & Intergration Services teams within the Enterprise Applications, who we work with to capture and understand the underlying data and to make our data products and analyses accessible to the students, faculty, and staff who ultimately benefit from them.