Dr. Kim Woodrum Photo
Dr. Kim Woodrum

October 11, 2017

College/Unit: Arts & Sciences

Department: Chemistry

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

I'm a Senior Lecturer and I teach General Chemistry for Freshmen. I have 450 students this semester, and they're divided into 3 different classes. Instead of a lecture environment, I prefer a collaborative group work environment. I utilize several "learning interns"--mostly Sophomores and Juniors--who assist with the collaborative classroom in exchange for internship credit.  

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that the College utilizes:

The most wonderful thing that ITS has done for me is that they provided the video studio at the Faculty Media Depot. I record all of my lectures with their light board, which allows me to write on a screen in a similar manner to writing on a blackboard. I'm recorded through a glass panel, and the image gets reversed so that the student sees the lecture information in the proper direction. 
ITS staff handle the recording and video production. All I have to do is the YouTube upload. Instead of spending all of my time dispensing information in class, I utilize videos and we spend class time learning and problem solving. The hardest part about learning chemistry is the “doing” of chemistry. The videos allow me to have time to work with the students so that they can understand and achieve success. Without the Faculty Media Depot, I wouldn’t have the video quality that I have now. The camera helps me bring my personality into the lecture, and it helps hold the students’ attention. 

Dr. Woodrum's instructional videos can be found here.