Lindsey Mullis
Lindsey Mullis, M.S.

April 11, 2018

College/Unit: Human Development Institute

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

The Human Development Institute is Kentucky’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service. We work on improving lifelong opportunities and services for individuals with disabilities, their families, and the community. The Institute provides a strong foundation for more than 50 research, training, and service projects that range the entire lifespan (from childhood to elderly care). I specifically direct the health & wellness initiative. We pride ourselves in that we make our resources public and accessible for a wide range of consumers– parents, educators, employers—in our mission to promote inclusive health

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that your department utilizes:

Most notably we have partnered with the Faculty Media Depot at the King Library.  Being grant funded doesn't allow us the financial luxury of hiring media personnel. After working with Alex and his team at the Depot, we now have over a dozen quality videos highlighting our project efforts to educate and raise awareness. These videos have been viewed and shared hundreds of times, helping us to spread our message and mission. 


In addition to assisting with video development on the back end, the Faculty Media Depot team has also been wonderful at helping to teach me and my team about development and editing so that we can continue to expand our own knowledge base.  One of my favorite experiences at the Depot was when we recorded a young man with an intellectual disability sharing his health behavior transformation story. [WATCH VIDEO] The student workers that assisted with this project told me they really enjoyed working with this individual and would have never known he had a disability, even mentioning they would hang out with him socially outside of work. This is incredible to me to see how our efforts are raising disability awareness and promoting inclusion not only with the products we create, but also while creating them!