Mike Shanks
Mike Shanks

October 10, 2018

College/Unit: Registrar's Office

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

My direct team is responsible for myUKGPS and priority registration. For myUKGPS, I have a team of coders who encode all the curriculum into myUKGPS so that it is viewable for students and advisors. I primarily do all the training across campus for myUKGPS. This training includes planning, registration, and degree audit. We also set up the priority windows for students so that they can register for the next upcoming term.

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that your department utilizes:

We work with the Enterprise Applications (EA) division, including Product Development & Integration Services and Analytics. Our registration and degree audit teams work with Product Development & Integration Services to set up how registration will look and function. EA has taken degree audit and molded it and shaped it to make it work for UK. The enhancements that EA has given degree audit have saved us a lot of time and drastically improved how students can see their academic journey.


We also worked with Analytics to get information on which departments do and do not have a degree audit in place. This information was essential in getting everyone into our new system.