Enterprise Architecture

Information technology (IT) reaches into every aspect of the University of Kentucky community. IT has become pervasive in all facets of the academic, research, and administrative enterprise. IT also has become vast, complicated, and expensive. IT is also imperative to create strategic advantage for the University of Kentucky. In order to gain IT oversight and align IT with the University of Kentucky's business strategies, the University of Kentucky Analytics & Technologies (UKAT) created an Enterprise Architecture (EA) team. The EA team is charged with defining, maintaining, improving, and communicating to the community about UK’s IT architecture, including data and objects. This Institute reference architecture provides a framework for a coherent, effective, secure, robust, scalable, and agile infrastructure which enables processes that address UK’s educational and business needs.

What distinguishes enterprise architecture from architecture at the business unit and product/service level, is its enterprise scope. This allows enterprise architects to create an architectural platform that is the springboard for resounding competitive advantage. By focusing on strategic differentiators and working across the enterprise, there is a unique opportunity to create leverage and synergies, and avoid duplication and inconsistency across the enterprise.

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