Facilities Services

Facilities Management utilizes the SAP Plant Maintenance module (PM) to manage, maintain and operate the physical assets of the university. PM provides the system for capturing and tracking work requests that are used to maintain all the buildings and equipment on campus. Our mission is to provide a physical environment in which faculty, staff and students can achieve excellence in teaching, learning, research and public service.

Plant Maintenance Terms

Plant Maintenance (PM) Questions and Answers

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What is Plant Maintenance?

Answer: Plant Maintenance provides the means for managing work requests (Work Orders), equipment, and facilities (buildings and grounds). The PM implementation will bring about consistent methods for scheduling routine maintenance, repairs, preventive maintenance, and projects.

What areas will use Plant Maintenance?

Answer: Auxiliary Services (Housing), Campus Physical Plant and Medical Center Physical Plant will use PM to support facility management and operations.

How does Plant Maintenance fit with the other areas of SAP/IRIS?

Answer: PM integrates with SAP/IRIS Financials, HR/Payroll, and Materials Management.  As part of this implementation, UK Stores operation will use the Materials Management Inventory functionality.

Will the means for requesting work or reporting a problem change?

Answer: Everyone will continue to follow the same processes, using web forms, e-mail, or phone communication to report problems and request services.

What communication will departments receive about Work Orders?

Answer: Departmental personnel will receive e-mail notifications when Work Orders are created and when they are completed. They also can display a Work Order with transaction IW33.

How will PM work be billed?

Answer: The Billing method will change with PM Go Live.  Billing will be automatic, occurring on a weekly basis. Posting to FI will become an automated process.  Financial transactions from PM reflect the PM Order number.

Will business officers have any PM access?

Answer: Business officers will access PM Work Order information using transaction IW33, Display a PM Order.

Who is taking PM training?

Answer: Employees in Housing and both Physical Plant divisions have been heavily involved in the PM training program in preparation for Go Live. Business officers and other departmental personnel will not be required to attend any classes related to the PM Go Live. They can review PM terminology. (PDF)

What are the critical cutover dates? How will current work orders and inventory be converted to SAP/IRIS?

Answer: During April the Plant Maintenance Team began loading basic Facilities data into SAP/IRIS-PM.  Open Work Orders for work in progress will be added to the new system during the week prior to Go Live. Some jobs may yet be in progress at the time of cutover on May 7. The portion of the work already completed will be billed out of the old systems before May 7. Billing for the remainder of the work will be done in Plant Maintenance.

Updated: 5/9/2012