Exchange 2010 FAQ

Email services for UK employees are hosted by the university and provided via Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Employees who activate their UK Google Apps for Education Accounts will automatically receive a UK-branded Gmail account. Despite the branding, Gmail accounts are provided and hosted by Google, not the university. Due to HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, and other similar regulations, it is strongly recommended that employees do NOT forward their university email to a non-UK-hosted email system, including UK Gmail.

For more information about Exchange email, read our General Email FAQ or visit the Exchange Mail wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Exchange 2007-2010 Migration


When will I know when my account will be migrated?

Customers will receive a notification email that their mailbox is ready to be migrated. Migrations will happen overnight. To view an example of the migration notification email, please click HERE.

What clients are supported?
Exchange 2010 supports the following versions of Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Entourage for Mac:

  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2003 (see below)
  • Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition
  • Outlook for Mac 2011

The Outlook 2003 client does not update folders automatically or in a timely manner, because User Datagram Protocol (UDP) notifications are not supported in Exchange 2010. For more information about resolving this issue, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 2009942. On Outlook 2003 clients, e-mail messages take a long time to send and receive when an Exchange 2010 mailbox is used. However, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 are automatically compatible with the Exchange 2010 upgrade. For this reason, Office 2003 is not supported by UKIT and we encourage users to upgrade to a more current version.

Are Public Folders still supported?

Yes, but while Exchange 2010 supports Public Folders, they are not available in cloud based mail services. As UK investigates moving more services into the cloud, support for Exchange Public Folders is likely to be unavailable. Please begin using alternatives, such as SharePoint and Exchange resource mailboxes, immediately. No new Public Folders will be created or mail-enabled.

What is Anywhere Access?

Enhancements in Exchange 2010 help users become more efficient by helping them access all communications—e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging—from virtually any platform, Web-browser, or device through industry standard protocols. In response to this challenge, Exchange 2010 adds new productivity features that can help users more easily organize and effectively prioritize their communications.

Does the upgrade affect Outlook Anywhere?

No. Outlook Anywhere for Outlook/Office 2007 and 2010 transition seamlessly. If the machine has Office/Outlook 2003, contact your department tech to upgrade the software to Office/Outlook 2010.

What improvements are included in Microsoft Exchange 2010?
Improvements include:

  • Improved scheduling and configuring for resource mailbox calendar processing
  • Additional parameters added to distribution group cmdlets to allow users to manage their own distribution groups in Outlook Web App and Exchange 2010
  • Ability to appoint a moderator to regulate the flow of messages sent to a distribution group
  • Ability to manage folder-level permissions for all folders within a user's mailbox

What is the Exchange Control Panel?

The Exchange Control Panel allows users to perform common administrative tasks without having to call the help desk.

What are the new Outlook Web App features in Exchange 2010?
Here is a list of new features:

  • Favorites in the navigation pane
  • Search folders
  • Message filtering
  • Ability to set categories in the message list
  • Options in the Web management interface for Outlook Web App
  • Side-by-side view for calendars
  • Multiple client language support
  • Ability to attach messages to messages
  • Expanded right-click capabilities
  • Integration with Office Communicator, including presence, chat, and a contact list
  • Conversation view
  • Ability to send and receive text messages from Outlook Web App

What are the new Exchange ActiveSync features in Exchange 2010?
Here is a list of new features:

  • Conversation grouping of e-mail messages
  • Ability to synchronize or not synchronize an entire conversation
  • Synchronization of SMS messages with a user's Exchange mailbox
  • Support for viewing of message reply status
  • Support for availability information for contacts

Will mailbox quotas change?

When the mailbox is moved to Exchange 2010, the default mailbox size is 1500Mb (1.5Gb). All mailboxes with a limit smaller than this will be increased and set to the new default. Larger mailboxes are available when justified. Requests can be submitted to the APAT Service Desk at 859-218-HELP or

How can I see what my mailbox quota is?

If you have Outlook 2010, click on the File tab and look under Cleanup Tools. You'll see a note like 1.2 GB free of 1.5 GB. For Outlook 2007, pull down the Tools to Mailbox Cleanup and then click on View Mailbox Size. For Outlook web access (OWA) hover over your name in the folder list on the left.

Are POP and IMAP still supported?

Yes. Mail clients may be configured to use POP3 or IMAP4 to send and receive email. Instructions are available on the Mail Wiki.

I read mail on my smart phone/PDA/tablet. Will it be affected?

If you read mail from a UK Exchange mailbox, sometimes referred to as an Outlook mailbox, then it will be affected. For example, you might use the Apple Mail app on an iPhone, but the mail comes from our Exchange server.

Mail/Calendar on my smartphone, PDA, or tablet is no longer working. What should I do?

Some devices that do not completely support Exchange 2010 do not transition seamlessly. Here are some suggestions.

  • Reset the device by powering it off and back on.
  • Remove the account from the device and add it back. Please note that the account will need to resynchronize and that may take some time.
  • Contact the carrier or vendor in case there is an available upgrade for the phone software.
  • Remove the account from the device and when adding it back, use “” for the server name (incoming and outgoing). If this works, the device will quit working after the mailbox is moved to Exchange 2010. At that time, remove the account and add it back using “” for the server name.

Apple Mail is no longer working on my device. What should I do?

Apple Mail users must change their Settings to get mail from Exchange. Pull down the Mail menu to Preferences, then click the Account Information tab. If you have more than one mail account, select the Exchange account. Change both the Internal Server name and the External Server name from to Close the Preferences window. If you use iCal to sync with your Exchange calendar, you will need to make the same changes in the iCal settings.

After your mailbox is moved from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, you will need to change the Internal and External names back to

Note: UKIT does not support the use of Apple Mail or iCal as Exchange clients on desktop devices. For a supported client, use Outlook from Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.

My voicemail is on exchange. Why do I get prompted twice for my extension when I call into 859-218-5900?

The double prompt is a result of the Exchange 2010 upgrade. It will stop once your mailbox is moved from from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.

Does a Blackberry using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) work with Exchange 2010?

Yes, but if your mailbox is still on Exchange 2007, you might need to ask your carrier for an update. Tell them that our server is Exchange 2010, but your mailbox is still on Exchange 2007. Your Blackberry should work correctly when your mailbox is moved to Exchange 2010. See this Blackberry web page for more information:

Entourage on my Macintosh is no longer working. What should I do?

Currently, Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition and Outlook 2011 are supported on Macs. If you have an older version, please upgrade to a supported version. Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition information is available on Microsoft's website.

Instructions on updating your version of Entourage to the Web Services Edition can be found HERE.

After my mailbox was moved to Exchange 2010, the Outlook status bar said Exchange was disconnected. When I click it, Outlook said Exchange was offline. What do I do?

Don't panic! Follow the directions here:

What happened to all of my nicknames (contact history) in Outlook Web Access?

Exchange Outlook Web Access caches recently used email addresses and tries to guess the address and make suggestions as you type. Unfortunately, the nickname cache is not transferred when your mailbox is moved to Exchange 2010. Outlook Web Access will build a new cache as you use it.

What is the largest email message or attachment I can send?

The maximum size is 25 MB for an email message and all of its attachments. For transferring large files, we suggest using one of the free public services, such as Dropbox (

Why can my group no longer manage their Distribution Lists?

Earlier versions of Exchange allow for only one Manager for a mailing list. In order to circumvent this, a second mailing list was created and that list was set as the Manager. Exchange 2010 uses a new security scheme that is unable to read membership in a list, so all attempts to update the list will fail. The good news is that Exchange 2010 allows for multiple owners. If you run into this problem, we can upgrade the list to Exchange 2010 format and assign a list of owners that you provide.

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)