UK Email Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about email services at UK, this is the place to start! If you still need support after reviewing this FAQ, the UKAT Service Desk will be happy to help!

    General FAQ:

  • How do I select and activate my email account?

    Employee account activation and setup is completed during new employee orientation.

    Students can choose from the following:

  • What is my email address?

    University email addresses remain the same regardless of the email service used by the recipient.

    During email activation, you will be given the option to create a personalized university email address. The default pattern is, but a a different address may be chosen if desired. This address will be displayed in the UK directory and all email sent to this address will be routed to your selected email service.

    In addition to the personalized university email address, email may also be sent you at <yourlinkblueuserID> This is the address used by campus systems such as SAP and Blackboard, which ensures that important university email will still reach you even if you change your personalized address.

  • How do I know which email service I am currently using?

    You can easily check which email service you are using from the Account Manager. Your "Delivery Location" will reflect the mailbox you need to check to access your UK emails.

  • Which email services are available for employees and students?

    Email services for UK employees are hosted by the university and provided via Microsoft Exchange 2010.

    Employees who activate their UK Google Apps for Education Accounts will automatically receive a UK-branded Gmail account.
    Despite the branding, Gmail accounts are provided and hosted by Google, not the university. Due to HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, and other similar regulations,
    it is strongly recommended that employees do NOT forward their university email to a non-UK-hosted email system, including UK Gmail. Please check your departmental policy regarding
    email before setting your delivery location to something other than Exchange

    Email services for Students are offered through Microsoft Office 365 and Google

    Healthcare students will also be provided with a UK Exchange email account to use for correspondence covered by HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, and other similar regulations.

    Students may also chose to forward their email to the off campus (non-UK) address of their choice.

  • How do I access my email account online?

    Select your service and click the icon or link below:

    Exchange 2010 Google Apps for Education Microsoft Office 365
  • How can I change my email passord or reset my password if I forget it?

    You can use the UK Account Manager to change or reset the account password for any email service.

    • For Exchange accounts, click the "Forgot your password?" link beneath the Account Manager log in fields. You will be prompted to enter your link blue userID and answer your security questions and then you'll be able to reset your password.
    • For UK Google Apps Gmail or Microsoft Office 365 accounts, simply log into the Account Manager with your link blue credentials and click the "Change" link beside UK Google Apps Education Edition or UK Microsoft Office 365.
  • How do I access my email account through my desktop email application or on a mobile device?

    Instructions for Exchange accounts are available on our Exchange Settings wiki.

    Instructions for UK Google Apps Gmail accounts are provided by Google Support. They offer generic instructions, instructions for specific email clients, and instructions for mobile devices. Please note that when asked to enter your "Gmail account name," you should use your entire UK Gmail address in the format <yourlinkblueuserID>

    Instructions for UK Microsoft Office 365 accounts are provided by Microsoft support. They offer generic instructions, instructions for Outlook, and instructions for mobile devices. Please note that when asked to enter your "Office365 user name," you should use your entire UK Office365 address in the format <yourlinkblueuserID>

  • How long will my email be kept if I don't log into it?

    UKAT deletes Exchange mailboxes and email content if the account is inactive for one year or longer. This maintenance is done to conserve storage space for active users. Employees and others eligible for Exchange accounts can reactivate deleted accounts at any time, but deleted messages cannot be recovered.

    Google does not currently delete users' mailboxes or email due to inactivity. However, this policy is subject to change, so we recommend that UK Google Apps Gmail users log in at least once a month to keep their account active.

    Microsoft Office 365 deletes email messages stored on the Office 365 server if the account is inactive for 180 days, but does not delete the account or mailbox. The account owner can resume using email services at any time, but deleted messages cannot be recovered. We recommend that UK Microsoft Office 365 users log in at least once a month to keep their account active.

  • How can I control spam?

    The University of Kentucky utilizes Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange to help reduce the amount of unwanted email received by our users. The following knowledge articles provide additional information regarding this service: Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange and Forefront antispam filtering.

    All mail sent to users via their or their personalized university email address (ex: passes through UK's Forefront spam filters before being delivered to their inbox. This filtering includes mail that is ultimately forwarded to a UK cloud email account (Google Apps Gmail or Microsoft Office365) or to a personal non-UK email account.

    Mail sent directly to a user's Google Apps email address ( or Microsoft Office 365 email address ( passes through Google or Microsoft's spam filters. All mail sent from UK's mail servers to users of UK cloud email services is automatically whitelisted (approved), so it will be never be treated as spam.

    For more information, read about Gmail spam filtering or Microsoft Office 365 spam filtering.

    Some desktop email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail, offer additional filtering for email that reaches users' inboxes. Review your software's help manual for information and setup instructions.

  • How do I forward emails to my UK email account to another account?

    The delivery location for email sent to your personalized university email address can be changed via the UK Account Manager.

    Employee Exchange FAQ:

  • How much storage do I have in my Exchange Mailbox?

    The default Exchange Mailbox comes with 1.5 GB of storage. Please contact the UKAT Service Desk if you have any questions.

  • How many emails may I send per day?

    At default, users may send up to 250 emails per day. Please note that each recipient counts as a separate email when calculating your emails per day limit. For example, if you send one email to five people, this will count as five emails. If you have any questions, please contact the UKAT Service Desk.

  • How does a UK department request a Local Exchange account for a student employee?

    The department's security liaison or other authorized requestor should contact the UKAT Service Desk by sending an email to with the student's name, link blue userID, and a brief justification for why the student needs an Exchange mailbox. Information for multiple students may be included in the same email. Requests are approved on a case by case basis.

    Please note: when the student leaves employment, the Exchange mailbox and its contents will be deleted. The student is responsible for archiving any Exchange mailbox content that he/she wishes to retain, including emails, attachments, and address book contacts.

    Microsoft Office 365 Email FAQ:

  • What is Office 365 Education for Students?

    Office 365 Education for Students is an Office 365 plan that is available for free to students who attend the University of Kentucky. This plan allows students to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on up to 5 PCs or Macs and Office apps on other mobile devices including Windows tablets and iPads®. The plan also includes unlimited OneDrive storage, and students can edit and collaborate using Office Online, and Lync.

  • Where do I go to access Office 365?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for Office 365 Education for Students?

    Schools qualify for this benefit when they have licensed Office institution-wide for their faculty and staff through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing program and are enrolled to allow students to sign-up directly with Microsoft. Active full- or part-time students at qualifying schools are eligible if they: • Have a school-specific email address provided by the school (for example, that can receive external email • Are of legal age to sign up for an online offer individually (13 years old) • Have Internet access

  • How long can I use this plan?

    If you are eligible, you can use the plan until you graduate or are no longer enrolled at a qualified school. Student eligibility may be re-verified at any time. At expiration, the Office applications enter a reduced-functionality mode, which means documents can be viewed but it isn’t possible to edit or create new documents. In addition, online services associated with the school email address, for example Office Online and OneDrive, will no longer work.

  • Who manages the OneDrive account provided with this offer?

    This account is associated with the school and should be used for school-appropriate content, such as homework and schoolwork. Permissions and access can be changed by the University of Kentucky at any time.

  • Can I Share the plan with others?

    Office 365 Education for Students is licensed for use only by the eligible student at the University of Kentucky.

  • I have questions about the Software Downloads included with Office 365, where can I find information?

    See our guide on downloading and installing Office 365 along with information about all of our Microsoft Software Downloads.

    Google Apps Education Edition Email FAQ

  • What is Google Apps for Education?

    Google is currently offering educational institutions hosting for email, calendars, and other productivity tools through Google Apps for Education, an integrated communication and collaboration solution.

  • Can both employees and students use Google Apps for Education?

    Yes, all current employees and students can create an UK Google Apps account.

  • What is the difference between a Google Account and a Gmail Account?

    A Google Account can be used to access a variety of Google apps and services, including Gmail, from a single unified profile. A Gmail account is simply an email account provided by Google. When you activate your UK-branded Google Apps for Education account, you automatically receive access to a UK-branded Gmail account as well.

  • Is my password the same as my Link Blue password?

    No. Because Google Apps for Education is a hosted service, you will have a separate userID and password for your Google account. You can, however, use the UK Account Manager to change or reset your UK Google Apps account password. Simply log in with your link blue credentials and click the "Change" link beside UK Google Apps Education Edition.

  • How do I change my UK Google Apps account password?

    You can use the UK Account Manager to change or reset your UK Google Apps account password. Simply log in with your link blue credentials and click the "Change" link beside UK Google Apps Education Edition.

  • Are there any restrictions on using Google Apps for Education?

    Yes. Google Apps may be used only for materials and information not covered by HIPAA, FERPA, PHI or other similar regulations. Because of these regulations, UK employees are highly encouraged to continue using UK-hosted systems, including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, for university email and collaborative activities. Google Apps will not replace these UK-hosted systems and is simply being offered as an additional technology option for working with non-protected information. Please contact your security liaison or college/department IT representative for more information.

    Departments with student employees who work with materials and information covered by HIPAA, FERPA, PHI or other similar regulations may request university-hosted Exchange accounts for those employees. For more information or to request an Exchange account for a student employee, contact the UKAT Service Desk.

  • What happens to my UK Google Apps account if I graduate or leave UK?

    Students, including employees who have been enrolled as students during or after the 1988 Fall semester, may keep their UK Google Apps account indefinitely after graduating or leaving UK.

    Employees who have not been enrolled as students since Fall 1988 will lose their Google Apps accounts when their link blue accounts are deleted after separation. The timing of the account deletion can vary based on the individual employee's circumstances and relationship with the university at the time of separation.

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