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Accessing Qualtrics:


Log in with email address (associated with your Qualtrics account) and password (this is not connected to your link blue account)

If you need an account, see Setting up a Qualtrics Account

Qualtrics Help:

Qualtrics Frequently Asked Questions:

Does your Qualtrics account have these problems?

  • You have only have the opportunity to submit one survey?
  • You do not have “Distribution Survey Tab”


You most likely have a “self-enroll” account. You will need to obtain a code to upgrade your Qualtrics account. You will need complete Step 1 through Step 4 below in the "Setting up a Qualtrics account" section.

  • You will receive an email from [noreply@qemailserver.com].
  • In the body of the email, you will be given a code.
  • Return to https://uky.qualtrics.com/ and log into your Qualtrics account.
  • Click on your name in the upper right-hand side. (See image 0 below).
  • Choose Account Settings.
  • Choose “Upgrade account”.
  • Enter the Qualtrics code and click “upgrade account”.
  • This will change the status of your account from “Self-enrolled” to “UKY-standard”

Setting up a Qualtrics account:

Step 1: Login to https://download.uky.edu/ (Must have Link-Blue userid and password) Important: If your Link-Blue account resides on the MC domain, you will need to add "MC\userid" when logging into the UK Application Download webpage.

Download Page Login

Step 2: Search for “Qualtrics”

Step 3: Click the link to request a Qualtrics Account

Step 4: Complete and submit survey

Step 5: You will receive an email from [noreply@qemailserver.com] with full instructions for creating a Qualtrics account. Go to https://uky.qualtrics.com/ and click on “Please click here to create an account”

Step 6: Enter your email address and a new password. Click “Get Started” button

Step 7: Enter your first name, last name and phone number (optional). Click the “Finish” button

Step 8: Enter the code found in the Qualtrics email found in Step 5

Step 9: Verify your email address. You will receive an email from Qualtrics [noreply@qemailserver.com]. Click on the link in the email to verify your email address. If you didn't receive this email, you can click “Resend Verification Email."

Step 10: You will receive a"Successful User Activation" message. Then click "Click Here to Log in." This will take you to the Qualtrics login page. Log in with your email and new password.

Step 11: Click "Click here to login" to create your first survey!

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu