Online Tutorials and Resources for Students

There are numerous resources for you both in the Media Depot and online. If you like to work on your own and at your own pace, here are a set of modules for you to work through that may help. Do them all, or skip to the ones you need. Come back anytime.

Module 1: Getting organized

  • Before you start, double-check your assignment. What questions should it answer or problem should it solve? Who is the audience? What specific requirements must be included?
  • A good first stop might be a Writing Center consultation or a trip to Presentation U! (or both). Take a look at both websites, or drop in to the physical locations, and make sure you understand what they have to offer.
  • There are many organizational tools that you can use for planning audio and/or video scripting. Here are two that may help you get started:
  • When you are ready to use the technology and need some help, The Media Depot @ The Hub is here for you both in person and online!

Module 2:  Orientation to the Depot

  • The Media Depot @ The Hub is a technology resource for students. It is a physical lab that also has online resources. Get the quick overview here:  What is the Media Depot? (captions available).
  • Student helpers who specialize in multimedia are your support in the Media Depot. If someone helped you at the Media Depot and you want to return for more help from that specific person, here’s a playlist with staff introductions: Meet the Staff (captions available).
  • If you need to schedule a recording room, here are the instructions: How to Schedule a Room (captions available).

Module 3: Using Media Depot Facilities

  • Don’t worry, there is a lot of help. Here’s a rundown of the possibilities of the Presentation Room (captions available). This room may require some help on setup, but then you will be on your way.
  • Here’s how to use the Green Screen Room (captions available).
  • And here is How to Use the Audio Room (captions available).

Module 4: Using Media Depot Software

  • You can use Adobe software in the Media Depot or on your own device. What? Yes. Find out how to get access to the Adobe products on your own device here:  Adobe Software Downloads.
  • Whether you are in the Depot or using your own device, this module will be helpful for you. It is encapsulated in a YouTube playlist found here: Media Depot Tutorials. Here's what you will find:
    • Adobe Premiere CC
    • Basic Effects with Adobe Premiere: Keyframing
    • Basic Editing with Adobe Premiere
    • Downloading Copyright Free Content and Importing into Adobe Premiere
    • Basic Effects with Adobe Premiere: Green Screen
    • Camtasia “Getting Started” Project Tutorial
    • Adding Audio Narration and Video Export using PowerPoint 2010
    • Audacity Tutorial
    • Basic Effects with Adobe Premiere: Titles and Images
    • How to Export

Module 5: Finishing up


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