Updated SWEB

Previous SWEB users: If your site was not modified for more than a year, you will need to migrate your files manually to the new SWEB Server. Your old file can be access at: http://locker.uky.edu


  • SWEB is intended as a space for students to develop sites within the confines of their classwork.
  • SWEB is not for storage of files & data other than website development.
  • Your default storage quota is only 100MB.
  • SWEB can be accessed via SSH, SFTP or SCP.
  • SWEB uses your link blue credentials for authentication.

Some utilities you could use to transfer your files are: Putty, Adobe Dreamweaver, and CyberDuck. CyberDuck works on both Windows OS and Mac OS. For direct editing you can use Textwrangler on a Mac. On Windows, you may choose to use the application NotePad++ with the nppFTP plugin to directly edit. CyberDuck, NotePad++, and Textwrangler are all free softwares that can be downloaded from the links below.



Windows and Mac:

The public_html directory, located in your home directory, is where you should place your Web pages and scripts. The www and Sites directories are simply a link to public_html, which we have included for backwards-compatibility with previous SWEB environments. You will need to replace or remove the file index.html in your public_html directory and upload your own index.html, index.php, or welcome.html file.

A MySQL database is automatically created when you login. Your password is stored in a file at the root of your home directory and is named: YOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD

SWEB is running on RedHat Enterprise Linux on a VM hosted in UK APAT's datacenter.

Currently installed versions:

  • RedHatEnterpriseServer Release: 6.4
  • Apache: 2.2.15
  • PHP: 5.3.3
  • Perl: v5.10.1
  • Ruby: 1.8.7
  • GCC: v4.4.7 20120313
  • Python: 2.6.6
  • sqlite3: 3.6.20
  • MySQL Server: v5.1.69

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu