APAT Announces First Round of LectureTools Grant Recipients


In May 2013, Academic Planning, Analytics and Technologies announced a new grant program inviting faculty to partner to explore opportunities presented by the use of an active learning platform. APAT is providing funding for the development of courses integrating LectureTools into instructional design and delivery. These modified courses will ideally transform classroom interaction and engage students with the instructor via an additional integration of their laptops, tablets and cellphones, regardless of class size.   Round 1 recipients were announced on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 and will receive $1,500 per course. 

Round 1 Recipients:

Dr. Karen Skaff

Department of Clinical Sciences | College of Health Sciences
HSE 101 – Survey of Health Professions

Dr. Jennifer Cramer and Dr. Andrew Byrd

Department of English | College of Arts & Sciences
LIN 211 – Introduction to the Study of Language

Dr. Hollie Swanson and Dr. Michael Piascik
Department of Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology | College of Medicine
PHA 621 – Principles of Drug Action

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