Backup Service Announcement


Backup Default Retention Policy Change

Due to many external factors (cost, exponential growth, etc.), the TSM centralized backup service will be changing from a default retention period of 30-days (30 incremental copies) to a 15-day (15 incremental copies) for all TSM client/nodes.

So what does this mean for my data?

Your data will still be protected with 2 copies of your data in different locations with up to 14 previous versions over 15 days in addition to the full copy of your data.  Thus, restores within a 2 week time frame are still possible for your data.  You as an end user should see no changes on your end except the understanding of how far back in the past restores are possible.

Enablement of compression and de-duplication on supported backup clients.

For those, backup clients which support compression and de-duplication we will be enabling these flags to further save resources and space within the TSM backup service to address cost & growth issues.  End users will see no difference in their backup experience as the data will still backed up in the same way, but the data will simply compressed and de-duped(duplicate is not stored multiple times)

For special cases, where the classification of the data in question warrants a more stringent backup retention please, contact the IT Service Desk.

Students, Faculty, and Staff may also contact the IT Service Desk to receive additional technical support by calling (859) 218-4357 or by emailing questions to

For any Data Management explicit questions please email

For further, information on the TSM central backup service please visit,


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