Copyright Compliance for Students

October 03, 2018

Copyright laws are how protections are provided for intellectual property – whether it involves a textbook published by a professor or an artist’s creation of popular music.

They are an important part of ensuring that creative and intellectual property is protected and can be enjoyed by everyone.

As a result, under law, penalties for copyright infringements can include actions ranging from termination of computer and internet privileges to civil and criminal penalties. 

It is important that students become knowledgeable about copyright protections, respect the rights of others, and engage in appropriate legal use of the works of others. 

Information on the sharing and distribution of copyrighted material is provided as a component of the annual student notification on copyright.  Compliance with United States (U.S.) laws and regulations, in addition to University of Kentucky (UK) policies and regulations, is required. Please remember, material found on the internet has the same copyright protection as material distributed through other media.  
Where can I learn more? 
For more information on copyright and how to appropriately use the works of others, please visit:   

  1. UK’s Copyright Website  
  2. UK’s Copyright Compliance Policy 
  3. UK’s Copyright Compliance FAQ’s 
  4. Federal DMCA Policy 

What options exist for obtaining items legally over the internet?  
Please use this site as a reference and resource for safe, legal means that you are able to download media online.  
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