ECHO360 Provides Review Option & Preserves Faculty Lectures

Flip your class, record test review sessions, or even preserve an admired faculty member’s lecture series: UKAT’s AV Services is here to help with lecture capture and replay.

Lecture capture software is a technology that records lectures and presentations in more than 100 equipped UK classrooms. It captures the audio in the room, the presentation content from the computer, and video of the speaker at the podium, publishing in a variety of formats (including Rich Media Flash, MP3 audio, and M4V video) with the ability for files to be automatically uploaded to Blackboard or iTunesU.

ECHO360, UK’s lecture capture software, is being used by several colleges on campus, but there are still those who are unfamiliar with the service. In January 2014 AV Services Manager, Rex Stidham met with Fine Arts administrators to discuss recording options for Dennis Carpenter(known to many as “Bones”) and his Art History course. Bones is retiring in May 2014 and Fine Arts wanted to capture his lectures for posterity because of his engaging teaching style. The college originally planned to have a student record the lectures using a tripod and video camera. However, after talking with Rex, they were excited to learn the course was held in a room equipped with ECHO360. Rex and his staff were able to set up a reoccurrence for the system to record the lectures each scheduled class time.

University of Kentucky’s Analytics and Technologies (UKAT) initially implemented ECHO360 in Fall 2009 to selected first-year College of Medicine courses as a means of review. Faculty teaching on campus recorded lectures for students to revisit later. The pilot was a huge success and medical students requested more courses use Echo360. As a result, the UK Office of the President funded 50 appliances to install course capture in classrooms across campus.

During the spring semester 2011, other colleges including Dentistry, Arts and Sciences, Communications and Information Sciences, Nursing, and Health Sciences began using Echo360 to provide course capture for a number of their courses. The Department of Chemistry used Echo360 to record experiments performed by a professor during the 2011 spring semester that were used in an online 2012 summer course. By the end of the 2013 fall semester, 681 courses had content stored in ECHO360 for UK students. On average, 1000 lectures are captured on ECHO360 each month.

A survey administered after the 2011 semester reported students (95 percent of whom answered the survey) are using Echo360, and they prefer that more courses offer this capability. One student noted in the survey, “It is so nice just to be able to hear everything a second (or third) time before the exam. I take notes in one color during class, and use a different color when I take notes from the Echo360. It is surprising at how many different things I have written in the different colors. It definitely helps me to pick up on important things that were said in class. I can also pause it if I need more time to write something down.”

For information about which classrooms on campus are equipped with Echo360, please refer to this list of classrooms maintained by AV Services. Scheduling for these classrooms is handled through the Registrar’s Office in the same manner any other on campus classroom is. Departmental and college IT support staff are trained to use and schedule Echo360 lecture capture. For further information about training contact AV Services.

If you are interested in more information about Echo 360, you may check with your college IT or visit the ECHO360 page within the Academic Technology Training Library.

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