UKAT Student Employees Honored at UK Student Employee of the Year Banquet

UKAT’s Andrew Johnston was named the 2014 UK Student Employee of the Year.  In addition, UKAT’s Kevin Angel was selected a top 10 finalists (out of over 30 nominees) for the award.    The top 10 finalists and their supervisors attended the 2014 UK Student Employee of the Year Banquet held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, at the Hilary J Boone Center.  The banquet included dinner, guest speaker Provost Christine Riordan and recognition of each of the 10 finalists.

Andrew works with Smitha Nair and the Mobile App team.  Some of his duties include beta-testing new software features, finding and correcting bugs and programming error, minimal writing of original code and assisting with the development and maintenance of support documentation.

When the myUK mobile app was developed, the Mobile team had expertise in developing the iPhone version but needed a developer for the parity Android version. At first this work was contracted out to a consultant but it soon became clear the consulting company lacked the needed skill set. By then Andrew had already finished a tool-set project for internal team use which was very impressive and had demonstrated his ability to write quality, original code.

Within three weeks, Andrew single-handedly cleaned up and finished the Android code. He worked closely with a senior mobile developer to take guidance on business rules, familiarized himself quickly with the Android development platform and ironed out all the finer points of the app's look and feel to get a quality submission for the app store.

His reliability, professionalism and dedication helped “save the day” on an otherwise challenging situation which would have caused a lot of delays and cost overruns in getting the project completed. The app went on to a successful release, has seen 3000 downloads and has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play store.

Kevin Angel works with Kirk Laird as a Multimedia Production Intern for UKAT’s Media Depot. He assists students in the Media Depot and UK with production of a variety of audio, video, and multimedia projects.

Kevin worked with the Writing Center and UK QEP Faculty Fellows group on a video project and received positive feedback from the group which stated he is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has a passion for making videos and helping others participate in the process.

Kevin has consistently gone beyond expectations and continues to be an extremely reliable individual as he has stayed passed his normal work schedule several times to help students with their multimedia projects.  For example, one day when asked why he worked late, he emailed this response, "A girl came in with a project on final cut 7 due this morning. Exporting failed 3 separate times so I had to help her recreate it on Premiere."

On another occasion, Kevin worked with Toni Greider, the Academic Liaisons in the William T. Young Library Dean’s office, on a video project that was sent to China to represent the UK libraries. Kevin’s only assigned task was to record Toni speaking but he added some extra effects that made it appear she was speaking from the library in China.  Toni later emailed Kirk that the Chinese colleagues loved that Toni actually gave her remarks for the dedication in their library and the video was a success.

For student employees like Andrew and Kevin to have pivotal roles in the success of UKAT services for UK students, faculty and staff, is a testament to their skills, talent and professionalism. UKAT student employees make the University better and receive valuable experience to use after graduation and in their future careers.  They are fantastic representatives of what the University of Kentucky can accomplish.  Congratulations to both Andrew and Kevin for being finalists and to Andrew for being selected UK’s 2014 Student Employee of the Year.  

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