UKIT Gives Tally Cats Technology Boost


Ever heard of TallyCats? It was developed by the Student Government Association with help from the Center for Student Involvement and UKIT. TallyCats encourages students to participate in events by ‘swiping’ their Wildcat Card. Prizes at the end of the term are based on who has the highest points from attending events.

Over the summer, UKIT gave TallyCats a much needed technology boost that allows them to capture many more swipes in many more events and allows UK to capture data about student success around overall University engagement- a critical metric for retention analytics.
UKIT designed and developed a unique data capture device using iPods and a magnetic card reader. This combination is far less expensive and complicated for the “swipers” to use and therefore, allows for broader adoption.

The ‘new’ TallyCats was launched during K-Week and was a tremendous success! Reports indicate a 71% increase in TallyCats participants this time last year, and there are more events remaining in the semester! This achievement is expected to be the foundation for future successful endeavors that result in to better engagement, greater understanding of student success, and better retention.

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