Planned Outage: SAP Systems

ITS will conduct technical maintenance that will require systems to be offline or have limited functionality:

  • Outage Window:      8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., Saturday, June 23rd
  • Services Impacted:   myUK Portal, myUK Mobile App, and all SAP systems

In addition:    

  • Outage Window:      5 p.m., Friday, June 22nd – 8 a.m., Monday, June 25th  
  • Services Impacted:   SAP SRM Shopping Cart, PRD, Confirmations

To view the complete schedule of ITS outages, please visit our calendar here:

Picture of Colin Baker
Colin Baker

July 12, 2017

ITS Division: Networking & Infrastructure

Service Area: Network Engineering

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

The network engineering team is responsible for providing a consistent vision for the University’s wired and wireless network infrastructure. To this end, our contributions typically take the form of network designs that are included as part of most ITS estimates, installation and implementation support for large scale projects, and product research in the area of enterprise class networking products.

What campus units do you collaborate with?

The estimation process touches nearly all portions of the academic and HealthCare divisions of the University. As a small but important part of that process, the network engineering team works closely with internal and external customers to determine and assess requirements, integrate 3rd party solutions, and provide physical and logical designs that can be implemented in support of the University’s strategic initiatives. We have provided design and support on a statewide, and national scale to almost all groups within the University.

What are your workplace values?

Honesty and integrity. Individually, we all work very hard in our roles, but the reality is, from time to time mistakes are going to be made. I think the true test of whether or not we can be counted on is how we handle those situations when they occur. As long as we are honest and transparent, and deal with the people around us with integrity, I think we can accomplish almost anything that is asked of us.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS and UK?

My personal favorite part of working in ITS is the scale of the technology that we get to work with. There are only a few places where the technology we work with can have such a substantial impact on such a large number of lives and that we can see the impact of that work just by taking a walk across campus. I love the challenge of trying to design at that scale. I’m proud to be a Lexington native, and I think my favorite part of working at the University is that I get to be part of a tradition that has been part of the Lexington community for such a long time.