Justin Cunningham
Justin Cunningham

November 07, 2018

ITS Division: Administration, Finance, & Human Resource

Service Area: Vendor Management

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

We stage communications equipment for HealthCare and campus. We provide hardware, fiber and Cisco equipment and assign those items to work orders and trouble tickets. I handle organization of the warehouse, receiving and assignment of equipment and material, EBARS, RFID Inventory, Surplus/Trade-In, Battery and UPS inventory and occasional tech support and general help for coworkers.

What campus units do you collaborate with?

We primarily operate within ITS, keeping operations flowing smoothly and ensuring that building projects are up and running as fast as possible. We also work with HealthCare on trouble tickets and infrastructure upgrades and Physical Plant, storing reels of fiber and inner duct for projects.

What are your workplace values?

My personal values include accuracy, speed and service. I like to make an effort in being good at what I do, so that when push comes to shove people know they can rely on me to get the job done or the answer right.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS and UK?

My favorite part of working at ITS is the independence. If I have an idea it’s encouraged and explored; if it works across our systems in place, it is usually implemented. UK has been wonderful for the ten years I’ve been here and I would say my favorite part is the vacation! It’s always nice knowing what Christmas break will look like.