Virtual Desktop provides access to general student lab software on any UK student’s personal device (desktop, laptop, tablet).
This allows anywhere, anytime access to software like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.
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Bringing the applications to you the way you work today.

You access technology wherever, whenever. As part of UKAT’s commitment to you, we are excited to make that access even easier, today in Office 365 for students. Office 365 provides you with new ways to collaborate, take notes, and ultimately get things done. Also, with Office 365, students will enjoy the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications on up to five PCs or Macs while having access to unlimited secure cloud-based file storage and sharing.

Single sign on experience With Office 365, you don't need to remember another user name and password. Your Office 365 (formerly Microsoft Live) user name and password is now the same as your University of Kentucky link blue account.
Always up to date, wherever you access it Office 365 syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time. So it's up to date, no matter what device is in your hand.
Store, sync, and share files simply With unlimited OneDrive file storage, you'll have plenty of space for all your files. Plus, because your files are stored online, you can share with people in or outside the University of Kentucky, from wherever you're working, whenever you need to. And with multi-party HD video, content sharing, and shared calendars, you'll always be in sync with your classmates.
Work together on the same file No more emailing documents around and losing track of the latest version. Easily add, respond to, and track comments and status updates on one version of the document. You control who sees and edits each file. And you can create, edit, and review with others to avoid back-and-forth hassles and save time in the process.
Optimized note-taking tools Type or handwrite notes, capture webpages, record audio/video, embed spreadsheets, and more with OneNote, available on all your devices.

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*Access and Publisher are available on PCs only; cannot be used across devices
1 HealthCare students who log in using “MC” (ex. MC\stu222) will continue to use the current email system. Healthcare students will enjoy the other benefits of Office 365 including an improved download experience, collaboration and unlimited storage on OneDrive.

The University of Kentucky has partnered with Google to bring Google Apps for Education to the university community! Google Apps provide additional cloud-based tools that faculty, staff, and students can use for educational, business, and personal tasks.

Note for employees: Google Apps may be used only for materials and information not covered by HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, or other similar regulations.

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google is currently offering educational institutions hosting for email, calendars, and other productivity tools through Google Apps for Education, an integrated communication and collaboration solution.

Why is the university offering Google Apps for Education?

This product enables UK to provide students and employees with UK-branded, advertising-free access to a variety of popular cloud-based tools at a low cost to the university.

Can both employees and students use Google Apps for Education?

Yes, all current employees and students can create an UK Google Apps account.

Can employees and students have both Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 accounts?

No. Microsoft Office 365 is available for students only. Current students may have one Google Apps and one Microsoft Office 365 account simultaneously, but email sent to a student's university email address can only be routed to one email service at a time.

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859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)