The role of the University of Kentucky IT Security Office is to protect the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of trusted information belonging to students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors, as defined by UK policies, as well as federal, state and local laws. Our work is to understand the various risks and threats that exist in our environment, and take reasonable steps to guard against them.

Got 3 minutes for computer security?
Watch this video from to learn how to foil a hacker — and keep your computer as secure as your most valued possessions.  Remember: for issues concerning your UK computer, see your College or Departmental IT staff and/or visit .

Updated Security for Google Apps for Education - UK Analytics and Technologies (UKAT) is excited to announce updated security for Google Apps for Education.  As part of a continuing investment and improvement to UK's cyber infrastructure, UKAT will add a 2-Step Verification (2SV) option for users of UK's Google Apps or UK's Gmail domain,  Users can choose to maintain their current Google Apps security or activate the 2-step authentication.

WARNING:  Email purporting to come from the UK Federal Credit Union or the UK Help Desk that includes links to change your password are fraudulent SPAM.  Any email that you believe is spam should be forwarded as an attachment to

Learn the Warning Signs of Phishing Emails:

The number of phishing emails targeted towards UK employees has been increasing. Phishing is the malicious act of sending emails with the intent of gaining the user’s private information for the purpose of stealing one’s identity theft and stealing money. These phishing emails can also be used as stepping stones to launch further cyber-attacks against you and the University.

Click here to learn more about identifying phishing email and what to do if you receive one.

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