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Emergenetics is a multifaceted tool for understanding human behavior and the unique differences in the way people approach work and life.  Emergenetics combines sophisticated left-brain/right-brain analysis with behavioral tendencies, resulting in a clear, defined perspective on personality unlike any other.  With Emergenetics, you get a color-coded, easy-to-understand window into who a person truly is. 

Emergenetics is a proven, accurate system to empower people to harness their optimal methods for thinking and action. Only the Emergenetics Profile provides a full portrait of everyone’s true essence—including thinking and behavior preferences and communication styles. While other personal analysis tools make suggestions on how individuals can change, Emergenetics has a different approach. We embrace what makes individuals unique, by helping them “emerge through their genetics” with an enlightening profile that has profound implications both personally and professionally.

Emergenetics closely supports the Kentucky and Appalachia Public Health Training Center’s (KAPHTC) vision for public health workforce development, by advancing a system of strengths-based approaches to communication, teamwork and work styles.  Emergenetics helps us understand our Thinking and Behavioral Attributes as well as other people we interact with.

With Emergenetics, the focus is on the entire organization—people, skill sets and overall capacity.

  • Participants broaden intellectual capital
  • Managers develop stronger teams
  • Individuals realize strengths and build competencies
  • Organizational culture is bolstered

What does Emergenetics Mean for the Public Health Workforce?

  • Clearer, more powerful communication
  • A diverse perspective on work and how to approach colleagues and clients
  • Higher percentage of goals met due to an empowering, strengths-based system.
  • An expedited time to proficiency for participants—Emergenetics is easily translatable into the workplace.
  • An approach to leadership unlike any other—Emergenetics builds the leader’s awareness and boosts interpersonal and communication skills

Emergenetics Learning Objectives:

  • To develop an overall awareness of diverse thinking and behavioral approaches present in the workplace
  • To define and accentuate individual strengths and approaches to work
  • To provide a lends to view significant challenges including teambuilding, trust, conflict resolution, change management, communication and more
  • To utilize personality preferences to improve concrete work elements including objectives, daily work and communication, and performance

Agency Workshop Options:

Meeting of the Minds

The Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds Workshop is a 5-6 hour, highly interactive workshop that meshes Emergenetics insights with your agency's needs, through the Emergenetics Profile. It’s a multifaceted approach focused on building knowledge, fostering understanding and bolstering organizational capacity.

This program focuses on facilitating increased understanding through personal knowledge of how thinking and behavior affect the work environment—including productivity, team effectiveness and creativity.  With this session organizations immediately see a new way to group individuals as teams that has been scientifically proven to provide better results.

The critical focus for the Meeting of the Minds session is on uncovering greater self-awareness and translating that knowledge into a more effective approach to communicating with others.

Individuals within the session experience:

  • Insight into how they think and behave
  • Understanding and knowledge of their colleagues
  • Hands-on team-building exercises on communication, motivation, efficiency, and more.
  • Brain science and research that ties learning into real, measurable scientific data

As an organization, you will experience:

  • A foundation for working more effectively and productively.
  • A new viewpoint to understand business challenges
  • Communication strategies
  • More creative teams
  • Reduced conflict

Power of WE Training Series

Employee development is built on sustainable performance improvement, clear links to individual, team and organizational objectives and competencies, and the ability to connect training to measurable, definable goals. The Emergenetics Power of WE training series boosts employee development to new levels by tying the Emergenetics Profile's accurate insights about thinking styles, behavioral dynamics, communication and relationships to the most pressing needs that organizations face today.

The Power of WE training series is comprised of individual modules that provide quick-hit, 2-4 hour trainings on a wide variety of skills that employees at all levels - individual contributors, teams, managers, and executives - need to advance.  The Meeting of the Minds Workshop is required prior to using the Power of WE Training Series.

The first module – Leveraging The Power of WE – provides a 3-hour introduction to the distinctive self-awareness, critical thinking and collaborative focus that Emergenetics provides for employees and organizations.

All additional modules build from this foundation while focusing on practical needs: 

  • Team Building/Performance and Team Development
  • Change Management
  • Collaborative Problem Solving

Hosting these workshops as webinar(s) for your agency is also an option, depending on group size and needs.  Contact the KAPHTC for more information.

Emergenetics is a tangible, understandable tool to improve learning and development.  And, we’ve got a roadmap to creating significant impact to your organization.  Cynthia Lamberth, M.P.H., CPH, and Georgia Heise, Dr.P.H, are certified Emergenetics Associates for the KAPHTC.  If you are interested in having the KAPHTC provide a workshop for your organization, or if you want more information, please contact us at or find out more at