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Board of Health Literature

Population Health in the Affordable Care Act Era (February 21, 2013).  Michael A. Stoto, Ph.D., AcademyHealth 

The phrase “population health” is increasingly used by researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in health care, public health, and other fields.  Although their understanding of this phrase differs, many see attention to population health as a potential opportunity for health care delivery systems, public health agencies, community-based organizations, and many other entities to work together to improve health outcomes in the communities they serve. 
Population Health.pdf

Core Characteristics of Effective Boards in Local Public Health Departments (February 22, 2012).  Lawrence Prybil, Ph.D., FACHE, College of Public Health, University of Kentucky

Slides prepared for discussion with the Friedell Committee and State and Local Health Department Representatives. Overview: (I) Basic role of local public health department boards, (II) core characteristics of effective health department boards, and (III) discussion. 
Core Characteristics of Effective Boards.pdf

Local  Boards of Health Top 5  Healthiest State Comparisons (March 2, 2012).  Cynthia Lamberth, M.P.H., CPH and  Angela Carman, Dr.P.H., College of Public Health, University of Kentucky

State Boards of Health (BOH) comparison of America’s Top 5 healthiest states for 2011, including BOH composition, powers, budget oversight,  appointing authority, elected/appointed terms. Top States include:  Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.
BOH Comparisons.pdf

Local Board of Health Self-Evaluation: An Assessment of High-Performing Board Performance (September 21, 2011).  Angela Carman, Dr.P.H. and Cynthia Lamberth, M.P.H., CPH,  College of Public Health, University of Kentucky 

The Local Board of Health Responsibilities Checklist was developed from the Local Public Health Governance Performance Assessment Instrument, from the National Public Health Performance Standards Program, the Administrative Capacity and Governance Standards; from the Public Health Accreditation Board and proven elements of high-performing boards; and from the work of hospitals and healthcare systems.  The goal of the checklist is to provide a template of high-performing local board of health performance and a method of assessment for local boards of health. 
Local Boards of Health Self-Evaluation.pdf