College of Public Health students graduating
Kentucky and Appalachia Public Health Training Center

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for Public Health Courses on KY-TRAIN

The Ohio State University College of Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice offers a series of modules within two courses on public health quality improvement:

CQI for Public Health: The Fundamentals

This on-line self-study course introduces the principles of quality improvement and methods for problem-solving, provides details on the application of the Continuous Quality Improvement process, and identifies how to use a team to improve a process in an organization. It consists of three modules that provide the basics of quality improvement in public health. 

CQI for Public Health: Tool Time

This on-line self-study course provides the most commonly used tools for continuous quality improvement (CQI) and is designed to accompany the CQI for Public Health: The Fundamentals course. This course was developed for public health agencies and their partners, although the principles, process and tools have been used in all kinds of organizations and can be used anywhere – even at home. The course consists of five modules that are designed as self-paced, interactive, independent learning. Modules include activities and opportunities to apply the learning to the participant’s own work.

These courses are available on KY-TRAIN: Enter course ID: 1031419 for The Fundamentals and 1046541 for Tool Time.