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Programs and Services


    SafeZone Workshops
    One of our main tools for educating various campus groups and creating support networks for LGBTQ* Wildcats is our SafeZone program. We currently offer a basic SafeZone workshop framed as an LGBTQ* 101 course. This experience lasts around an hour and a half and can be facilitated for student, faculty, and staff groups by request. The prime size for these workshops is 10-25 individuals. Contact the office for more information or to schedule a SafeZone workshop for your group.

    Specialized LGBTQ* Presentations
    Our staff is here to support education around diverse LGBTQ* experiences. If a student, faculty, or staff group is interested in learning more about a specific gender or sexuality focused topic, we can create specialized presentations that meet the needs of particular groups. Examples of past specialized presentations include LGBTQ* healthcare considerations, intersectional identities, and transgender experiences.

    Large-Scale Programming
    We partner with groups around campus and town to offer larger LGBTQ* programming on a regular basis. Examples of these offerings include expert lectures, panel discussions, and film screenings. We also host two full weeks of programming each academic year: UK Trans Week of Awareness each November and UK Pride Week each April. For more information on upcoming opportunities, visit the calendar section of our webpage and like the office's Facebook page.


    Individual Advocacy
    Director Poston is available to work with students, faculty, and staff around concerns related to gender and sexuality. As a hub for campus information, the office is a great initial place to learn more about LGBTQ* related policies and opportunities and find referrals to other essential campus services. We work closely with our partners in other institutional diversity units, the VIP Center, the Counseling Center and Human Resources to ensure that all Wildcats can find safe and inclusive spaces to be their authentic selves at the University of Kentucky. We can also provide individualized direct advocacy in many situations.

    You can reach Director Poston directly through email or during drop-in office hours every Tuesday morning from 9AM-12PM in Blazer Hall 302. You can also schedule an appointment with him by emailing the office coordinator Orvis Kean.

    Group Advocacy
    As part of our mission to support all LGBTQ* Wildcats and the Vice President for Institutional Diversity, we are a center for research and advocacy for the implementation of inclusive best practices on campus. This bigger picture advocacy is driven by ongoing education and conversations with diverse groups.


    LGBTQ* Community Room
    This multipurpose community room is a physical space on campus for LGBTQ* students, faculty, and staff to use as needed. Learn more about this space on the About Us section of the webpage.

    Community Relations
    You can find office staff and volunteers at public events across the Commonwealth each year. We participate in regional Pride celebrations, prospective student events, and other large gatherings as a way to increase knowledge about the university's inclusive efforts and facilitate new connections for the Office of LGBTQ* Resources.