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Jefferson County MarketReady Training

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 10:00am




MarketReady seeks to educate local food suppliers in order to help them succeed in today’s local markets. We teach those who sell agricultural products about how to establish an effective business strategy in order to succeed.  If you're interested in selling to restaurants, grocers/wholesalers/retailers, and schools MarketReady can help you. Also, those who just want to explore ways to improve their sales skills, are considering or developing a new food business, and those currently selling to these markets who may want to improve their current business relationships can utilize this program.  

This MarketReady training will be from 10:00AM - 4:00PM  at the Jefferson County Extension Office and will cover the Restaurant sales, Grocery/ Wholesale/Retail sales, and Farm to School sales units.

A panel of buyers assembled with local and regional buyers and technical support professionals will build upon what will be covered in the training. The training includes information about KDA (the Kentucky Department of Agriculture) programs as well as resources from other state and federal agencies like Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, Local Health departments and the Food Systems Innovation Center.  

     For additional information please contact Alex Butler at or (859)218-4383.


Guest Panelists

TJ Oakely - Restaurant Manager for Bristol Bar and Grille

Krey Keeney - Local and Specialty Product Purchaser for Creation Gardens

Dan Ellnor - Food Service Director for Jefferson County Public Schools

Jose Cubero - Sales Consultant Piazza Produce

Nathan Routt - Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development

Brett Wolff - Center for Crop Diversification




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