Dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing

Dr. Janie Heath was appointed dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing for the UK College of Nursing on August 1, 2014. She was formerly an endowed professor of nursing and the chief academic officer at the University of Virginia and Georgia Health Sciences University (formerly the Medical College of Georgia and now Georgia Regents University). She has provided academic leadership for Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Critical-Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs at Georgetown University in Washington and at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Heath earned her Master of Science Degree, with a clinical nurse specialist focus, from the University of Oklahoma and her post-master’s with an acute-adult nurse practitioner focus from the University of South Carolina. She completed her PhD in Nursing from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., in 2004. She has more than 38 years of acute and critical care nursing experience in various positions from staff to administration to advanced practice and academia. She has been awarded more than $12 million for academic and/or research initiatives, generated more than 150 publications and abstracts, served on numerous regional and national task forces for tobacco control and advanced practice nursing initiatives. Her primary research program of study involves workforce development using the Rx for Change: Clinician-Assisted Tobacco Cessation Curriculum to effectively intervene with tobacco-dependent populations in acute and primary care settings. In addition, Dr. Heath served as a member of the board of directors for the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), served as the inaugural chair for the Beacons of Leadership Initiative in Pursuit of Healthy Work Environments, a 30-hospital-wide collaborative in the Washington–Baltimore, Md., area for the Greater Washington Area Chapter of AACN and founded the Nurses for Tobacco Control national coalition for nurse educators.

Contact Information

Phone: (859) 323-6533

Fax: (859) 323-1057

Email: jheath@uky.edu



PhD, George Mason University, 2005
CERT, University of South Carolina, 1994
MS, University of Oklahoma, 1991
BSN, Cameron University, 1981
ADN, Cameron University, 1976


Promoting healthy working and learning environments; advancing nursing science and scholarly practice; integrating evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions; and fostering nursing professionalism, leadership and advocacy for health and wellness


Dr. Janie Heath's CV


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