DNP Student Writes Heartwarming Letter to Immigrant

Posted: February 2, 2017

This article originally appeared on LEX18 on Wednesday, Feb. 1. 

A University of Kentucky College of Nursing DNP student has taken it upon herself to make everyone in her neighborhood feel welcome.

Jessica Basham noticed how divided the nation is on immigration, and decided that she was going to refuse to accept divisiveness in her neighborhood.

“I just started writing,” said Basham. Basham said she put pen to paper and out came some of the most powerful words she’d ever written.

We have exchanged waves, smiles, and nods, but we have never made clear that we are your allies.

Basham wanted to show her neighbor, Hasan Hamban, a Palestinian immigrant, that he belongs.

“Made me feel like we all are one nation, there's nothing different what race you are, where you're from.  What culture you are,” said Hamban.

Hamban has lived in America for 10 years, but he said nobody has ever reached out to him the way Basham has.

Please know that we are glad that you are here.

Jessica said that when history is written, ‘you can choose actions’ and her action was to write her own and let her neighbor know that he is welcome and he is a part of the community. 

View the video here.