First Undergraduate Student Receives Nursing Jacket for Outstanding Clinical Performance

Posted: March 1, 2018

On a clinical day, undergraduate BSN student Molly Pennington was assisting with a routine procedure that quickly escalated into an emergency. After it had passed, Pennington was commended by the attending physician for quick thinking, professionalism and insight that allowed the physician to help the patient and do what she needed in a crisis.

On Monday, February 26, UK HealthCare (UKHC) and the College of Nursing were pleased to award her with an official blue UKHC nursing jacket, a symbol of her nursing skills impacting the patient experience. Dr. Colleen Swartz, chief nurse executive and chief administrative officer for UK HealthCare visited Professor Jennifer Cowley's med-surg class to present her with the blue jacket. The other student team members that were present at the clinical were also recognized for their outstanding performance.

Joining in the recognition was Dr. Janie Heath, dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing, Dr. Kristin Ashford, associate dean for undergraduate faculty and IPE affairs and Dr. Erika Almodovar, general surgery resident who worked with Pennington during the emergency.

In a letter written by a Dr. Almodovar, it was made clear that Pennington was ready and prepared to treat her patient, no matter the circumstance.

"I can honestly say that the situation would not have gone as smoothly if she were not there to assist. She showed experience well beyond her years of training - I was absolutely impressed."