Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory
Graduate Program Assistant

Mary Gregory has worked for the College of Nursing for 11 years providing a variety of essential staff support services. She previously worked as the staff associate for academic programs but now works for Dr. Sheila Melander, dean of graduate faculty affairs.

Gregory supports the director of the graduate programs and DNP Option coordinators in addition to supporting students. Her duties include, but are not limited to, assisting in scheduling appointments, providing program committee support, coordinating student events/curricular activities, publishing defense of dissertation announcements, as well as maintaining overall communication among faculty and organizing new student orientations each semester. She is instrumental in supporting program accreditation, assessment and evaluation support through the collection of surveys completed by graduate students and alumni.

Gregory also assists with facilities, safety and emergency management within the College of Nursing where she will work with the Associate Dean of Business Affairs to address any facility concerns.

Contact Information

Phone: 859-323-0692


Office: 518 College of Nursing Building