Second Degree BSN

The Second Degree Option is for those who have undergraduate or graduate degrees in other disciplines and are interested in pursuing nursing.

From English majors to engineering graduates, former attorneys to biologists, the Second Degree Option in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program attracts a wide variety of students united in a common purpose: the desire to give back through compassionate nursing care. 

The complexity of health care systems today demands an increased focus on improving outcomes with knowledge of evidence-based nursing interventions. A BSN-prepared nurse innovates health care delivery with knowledge in interprofessional practice, leadership and bedside expertise.

  • 24 months: January - December, using both summers
  • 64 credits
  • More than 700 clinical hours of guided learning from experienced faculty and clinicians in six specialty areas
  • Graduates eligible for NCLEX


Under construction - refer to admissions link for current info.

College of Nursing course descriptions are also available in the University Registrar’s Bulletin.

Applications for this cycle will open October 1, 2018.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Nursing certifies that the University of Kentucky Baccalaureate Degree Program has met the requirements established by law and the Kentucky Board of Nursing. This full-approval confers the right to operate a nursing program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in accordance with the provisions of the Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 314.