Leadership and Management

DNP graduates in administrative and population-based (public health) specialties focus their practices on aggregates: populations, systems, organizations, and state or national policies.

These specialties generally do not have direct patient care responsibilities. However, DNP graduates practicing at the systems/organization level are still called upon to define actual and emerging problems and design aggregate-level health interventions. These activities require that DNP graduates be competent in advanced organizational, systems or community assessment techniques, in combination with expert-level understanding of nursing and related biological and behavioral sciences.

The DNP graduate preparing for advanced specialty practice at the population/organizational/systems level demonstrates competencies in conducting comprehensive organizational, systems, and/or community assessments to identify aggregate health or system needs; working with diverse stakeholders for inter- or intra-organizational achievement of health-related organizational or public policy goals; and designing patient-centered care delivery systems or policy-level delivery models.

Select Specialty Hospital

Jessica Wilson, PhD, APRN

Dr. Wilson is engaged in clinical practice and research as a clinical nurse specialist with Select Medical, which has 111 hospitals in 28 states. She partners with the long-term acute care sector, developing research protocols for evidence-based practice projects with the goal of improving patient outcomes while increasing patient and staff satisfaction.