Article IV: Funding


SECTION 1: OCSA funds shall not be used to fund scholarships, religious, or political causes.
SECTION 2: Budget and Requests

  1. No funds will be given prior to the event.  The funds can only be voted on by the GA and approved before the event.  Upon approval by the GA the Executive Assistant shall complete and submit a journal voucher in order to transfer the appropriate funds to the appropriate account.  The amount refunded shall not exceed the amount approved by the EB and GA.   
  2. Any funding request must be formally introduced to the EB at its scheduled meeting time and the necessary funding request forms must be submitted at that time.  The EB must approve the request before it is submitted to the GA.  The GA must approve by a majority vote. 
  3. The Executive Assistant shall present a budget at the beginning of each semester for the GA to approve and use. 
  4. At the end of each semester the Executive Assistant will determine if there are any remaining funds in the budget. If so, the remaining funds will be determined to be excess and will be added to the next semester budget.